28 Nov 2011

Fear stalks the land.

This past few months my tolerance of idiotic, rude, ignorant, racist, homophobic and you know what, damn right disgusting people has really been tested. This video really demonstrates that bigoted people still exist and even worse their very opinions being passed down (loudly) to their children. It would be interesting to see how this child's life and tolerances are shaped.  

and you wonder why I prefer the comfort of my own home and studio. Public transport and the streets are riddled with situations like this. Every comment made, every ethnic slur really does count towards this woman's outburst. Although everyone (and I'm sure its definitely everyone) I know would  agree that these/her opinions are disgusting, this woman is speaking up for a minority of haters, no matter the size, they exist and its terrifying.

I used to have this quote on my wall from a Radiohead poster:

"I am awake at 4am to the terrifying , undeniable truth that there is nothing I can do to stop the monster." 


  “@londontonight: BREAKING: A 34 year old woman from New Addington has been arrested for racist comments made in a Youtube video #tramrant #MYtramexperience”  - via twitter.
Hopefully there is some truth to this. Video saves the day :p

21 Nov 2011

sums it up

Everything in its right place II

I've spent the weekend trying to file and organise my brain so that I can sit and think about whats actually important and worth saying and doing. Filtering has been hard, but I think I've come to a point where I see that things can't stay the same.

If I'm to move parallel to my contextual studies then its time to take this all somewhere further. 

Over the weekend I've been exploring ways too take the mediums/technologies I'm working in (photography, video, performance) and see how I can push there limitations and my personal limitations with them. If I'm not going to challenge that part of my self then there is little point circling my present practice and thinking its enough. I believe there must be world of self merit in the trying, even if the results are not so... desirable.

Performance has been a sort of back bone but in the back of head all of last year. Instead of going out and actually performing, I was studying it, readying myself. Using performance as a meditation and filming it all. I needed to test myself. For sure I used the evidence to my practical and creative advantage in terms of documentation but it's all been towards the same body of work and what I like to call performative work. 

This year I feel ready to confront performance. I feel ready to enjoy and embrace performance and also put forward why I believe it deserves its rightful platform within contemporary arts. I've had a few ideas of how I might tackle all of this. Starting this Friday I will be performing in collaboration with Naomi at our Pre Degree show.  In preparation I'll be doing a little meditation each day. May sound just a little pedantic but I believe that by relaxing the body, you can open yourself up a lot more to the experience, thus giving and taking a lot more from it. 

From this (and in combination with other mediums) I thought about other platforms performance could exist or other mediums could exist. I've been exploring ways to move forward. In line with my CCs technology is one way to go with that. I've looked a game platforms and how one can create a world where art can exist in whatever way you want it. 

For instance, gender plays a large role in my practice, to the point where I no longer want to be identified by my birth sex. In an ideal world (for me anyways) I'd like to perform without the male/female stigmas, so looking out with the boundaries of a stereotypical physically live performance, you could create this. Or create/recreate yourself or even create several alter egos or pseudonyms. There are several ways this could be realised. 1. A virtual website specifically set up for performance that could be a live feed or completely animated. 2. An already developed game/site that has a million other users. 

To make this short, 'Second life' would be the best way forward. So as per everything, I research this concept and find this:

The couple perform together in Second life and also do re-performances (including my favourite performance - 'SeedBed' by Vito Acconci). 

This is an example of what they do - 'Synthetic performances'

I find it interesting that not only do the performances happen live inside the game, but they are also controlled live by the artists. Usually with there performances, there is a live feed or actually game play form a gallery.

Although its hard not to kick myself, I'm mostly excited about what they do and also how there is still so much room to find my own place within this if I so wish. I think this definitely something I can with in terms or gender, sexuality and limitations. 

Along with this I've been thinking about the limits of a standard image. Every so often someone will say something about photographs having no sound, but I believe they do. At least in terms of radio waves/sound waves and frequency. Something maybe I'll look into the new year. 

Lastly in my need to develop/combine/find something that breaks a typical photo format is the idea of incorporating video or movement (larger than shutter time) to a single frame. Obviously this is something thats been giving the most attention on a larger scale and even avatars created by teenagers borrow these technologies. Anyways I found these and I thought they were really nicely executed and quite beautiful:

If we don't, remember me

(click on these to see them move)

“You know what? If everything’s going bad, we’re going bad as well.”

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”

“She might have fooled me, but she didn’t fool my mother.”
Psycho (1960)

“I have all the characteristics of a human being: flesh, blood, skin, hair … but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust.”

“I was a ghost. I didn’t see anyone. No one saw me. I was the barber.”
The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001)

There are actually far to much that work so good. Certainly food for thought.

I'm glad I've been able to clear my head a little, at least enough to enjoy this week in the lead up to the exhibition. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

20 Nov 2011

Pre Degree Show

I'm getting quite excited about our wee PEM4 pre Degree show. Feels like its been forever since the Pier show.  There's something really great about the dynamic of the class that works so well for exhibitions (and everything else obviously, on account on us being so awesome).

Pretty sure I'm happy with what I'm putting forward but a wee but more time would've been great to allow some choice of finished works.

I'm also really excited about the Performance Naomi and myself Will be doing on the night. The performance will start at 8pm if you're keen on seeing it make sure your in before then. 


2 Nov 2011

London calling...

Even though we have the scary responsibility of getting the sculpture to the gallery in London safely (on a megabus might I add), we're super excited to be able to go somewhere and not have do anything except the things we love to do.

I'm not the slightest bit packed but this little lady is, all ready for her box:

Dropping off the sculpture before the weekend gives us a bit of time to check out some galleries and stuff.  Since we had to cancel our summer visit to London to see Tracey Emin's big show, I'm super excited to know she's got a wee show on with self portraits. Definitely be checking that out.

Also heading out to Camden, obviously to do a bit of shopping and to see the proud gallery - A Joy division show is on, so that's be good. Also at Proud Chelsea is Andy Warhol - The factory! Excited for that.

Tate Modern is always on the list, In light of my dissertation I'll probably spend an hour or so watching 'Meat Joy' again.

Last but certainly not, not, NOT least is a small exhibition as part of the LGBT arts festival. That Steph and I (as Eloquent Graffiti) as proud to be exhibiting in.

It may not be much to some, but this is actually the best I've done this far in my career. The best part is that its a starting point. One that just so happens to be in London. I've never been so excited. Although we feel a little overwhelmed with all the other artists, we're just going to have fun with it, be confident and drink wine with our old and new London friends. 

Summer in the city...

I turned 26 in the summer.

After giving it a lot of thought, I'm not entirely up nor down about that fact. I like the number 26.

Here are some photos I took in the summer, as a 26 year old:

I Spent some time with the family, which inevitably turns into photo time.
So here is Hayden and Sofia enjoying a sunny day with Auntie Laura.

I took some photos for a radio/music/production company. Which was fun and also paid so that's a bonus.

I took some photos for myself whilst on location at that job, (not that torry's exclusive nor far).

I slept some and spent time with the kitty cats. This photo makes me look like some sorta cat lady, I guess I am... even now I have a cat in my lap. haha.

But looks they are cute ^.^

I played games on my phone...

but then it was Stephs birthday so I took her to the beach,

we also went to Ballater:

and Edinburgh (for the fringe):

Outside the Forrest cafe, such an amazing place.

Evelyn Eveyly (Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley) at the fringe.

A video of what they sound like singing and playing Piano as one:

Another  video from that awesome set that I took where they cover 'Lean on me':

AND Glasgow to see Amanda Fucking Palmer:

A video I made from that, where AFP covers 'Friday' by Rebecca Black but its written from the perspective of a prostitute. Pretty funny!

And finally full circle, its that time again to take photos of the kids:

I guess where words fail and all that...