28 Nov 2011

Fear stalks the land.

This past few months my tolerance of idiotic, rude, ignorant, racist, homophobic and you know what, damn right disgusting people has really been tested. This video really demonstrates that bigoted people still exist and even worse their very opinions being passed down (loudly) to their children. It would be interesting to see how this child's life and tolerances are shaped.  

and you wonder why I prefer the comfort of my own home and studio. Public transport and the streets are riddled with situations like this. Every comment made, every ethnic slur really does count towards this woman's outburst. Although everyone (and I'm sure its definitely everyone) I know would  agree that these/her opinions are disgusting, this woman is speaking up for a minority of haters, no matter the size, they exist and its terrifying.

I used to have this quote on my wall from a Radiohead poster:

"I am awake at 4am to the terrifying , undeniable truth that there is nothing I can do to stop the monster." 


  “@londontonight: BREAKING: A 34 year old woman from New Addington has been arrested for racist comments made in a Youtube video #tramrant #MYtramexperience”  - via twitter.
Hopefully there is some truth to this. Video saves the day :p

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