29 Dec 2011


Three weeks and counting I've lost to flu's and viruses. One seem to be calming down and then I catch another.  Needless to say I'm not a huge fan of my immune system at the moment. Saying that - with my latest diagnosis,  my whole body seems to be failing me. Even though it came as no shock, knowing that I have arthritis makes me really sad. I'm trying not to let it get my down, as the newer medication can reduce symptoms and fingers crossed stop it from getting any worse, but it is hard.

Normally when my physical being is failing me, I get a bit head strong, I've kinda always been great with that. Things seem to be going a little differently just now. It could just be winter, it might just be the extra pressures right now. Either way I'm not feeling at all myself. and I kinda miss her.

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