19 Feb 2012

Can blindly continued fear induced regurgitated life-denying tradition be overcome?

I have approximately 16/17 half finished projects swimming about my head right now. This is how it looks.

What a mess.

However I feel a strange clarity in what I need and want to do. Goodbye web of tangled projects. Time to focus on the few that will make a difference to my life.

Free Love and other queer stories

So we had our preview night at Project Slogan, last Friday, for the documentary. The purpose of the night was to engage people with the project; to continue being public and active with our progress and positively promote equality and awareness of LGBTQ issues in Aberdeen.

It went really really well and I was a bit surprised by the large turnout. So fantastic to see different people from different walks come along and watch the very short preview and have a chat about how they can be involved.

Stuart very kindly documented the event for us so we could be more available to chat. He did a rather fantastic job of creatively capturing the atmosphere, without being intrusive in such a small space.

Footage of the night will be added to the documentary, We've chosen to focus on our journey as we go through this as its particularly important to us that we remain honest.

I made a time lapse of the event:

(Which will go right about here once its done processing.)

And some images/stills from the night.

The newly formed RGU:LGBT have been very supportive and in turn we hope we can best represent them. Its been a terrible shame that there hasn't been an LGBT society at RGU for the past 3 years, but now with the aid of ABFAB at Aberdeen Uni and some very committed members the LGBT students at RGU can be represented. They have there own website now with some great events that I hope to attend. You can visit it here

We hope to finish the 30 minute documentary around May with screenings both at Project Slogan and the Belmont Cinema. Very very exciting times ahead.