26 May 2011


Found this rather funny from todays stats

Is pretty much the exact sentence I wrote about a month ago... except I think I wrote killing or dying instead of abondoning :S

My dream twin is out there. I wish people would say 'hi' when ever they type something into google and end up on my blog.  Very funny the things people type into a search engine. I might have a look for some more.

SCOPE art London

So I entered a photo that could be selected for SCOPE art in London. Chances are slim and I only have enough money to enter the one. There is however a peoples vote  -  so please please if you can spare a wee second click here to 5 Star Rate me :)

It looks like this and you can click the faaaar right star here -----------------------------v

P.S. You can vote once every day ;)

6 May 2011

It's Friday I'm in Love.

Another great day filled with good news, opportunities and steady (but sharply done) progress.

Today I saw the light at the end of another large project. This time a collaboration with Steph which involves found hardback books, written word and sculpture. The project isn't complete but having all the elements complete allowed me to arrange them how I'd like it. I've chosen to take extra time with this one in order to let it organically come together and not put to much pressure on both Steph and myself.

Steph worked really hard in between her two jobs to come up with three separate writing pieces that connect to one another and also my work. Although she worked to my concept, what she wrote about and in what style was entirely up to her. I find that the most exciting part of working with someone else. I couldn't be more thrilled with what she handed me last night - The final piece of writing. It included a line she wrote when we first met 4 years ago:

"Not with lust, not reckless impulse overlapping with regret, she kissed me. With the tender rhythm of affection and a history we don't remember, yet."

I haven't had time to take photos of it at this stage but here is a basic idea of my first experimenting:

This is extremely loose in comparison to any final work. The final piece will be in three and is initial aim was to compliment my photography in the first part of the semester - this piece:

Today was also a day of good news for myself, Marianne and Amy. We, as a collective were awarded the residency opportunity at Limousine bull.

I'm really really excited and actually quite proud that in the midst of all our work we came together and wrote a killer proposal. I'm sure in time we shall divulge information on our plans, but for now I'll hold on until we're all together and ready. All I can say is fourth year is going to be a very very busy time, but an extra exciting time!

2 May 2011

Good Day.

Well good days all round today - Osama Bin Laden has finally been brought to justice, and I finished all my video editing before noon. Insomnia has its perks at times. Now Its time for some Tomato soup and a wee nap before getting stuck into finishing my other projects and workbooks.

As a treat to you and I, one and all, I present: Heart (70's style) and FYI I can admit that Nancy Wilson in this video is indeed my dream woman of the 70's! Mostly for that guitar playing at the start, wow!

1 May 2011


After 4 full days of painting latex, pealing latex, placing latex, matching latex, dreaming latex, stopping the cat from eating latex, hoovering latex, crying at the latex I'm finally finished the coat of latex for the structure.

I think it's worth it alone just for this image:

I also like these ones:

And this is the final structure - ready for the video to be matched to. I feel its been worth it, it seems to have turned our exactly how I imagined it would. However it has been a huge pain and taking soo long. Fingers crossed the video can do it justice.