30 Jan 2012

Over and out...

6 months, 11 vaginas, 5 penises, 1 changed gender & sexual orientation identification and 62 glorious pages! This dissertation is finally done:

I'm a Cyborg, but that's okay: An I-story of sexpositivity; Transhumanism and the cohesive Power of Individuation.

I'll probably make this available to read as a PDF via my webpage, but until then if anyone wants to offer feedback or just have a nosey, just comment for a copy and I'll email one over :)

24 Jan 2012

Friends and their doings

My wee friend Rachel from Peterhead who now lives all the way down in London has opened up her very own Vintage shop!! How bloomin' cool. Its an online store so it means all us deprived souls up in Aberdeen can buy some lovely vintage goods.

Rachel, much like Steph, Works more than the average person in a job that doesn't make one happy, so to come home each night and work on a project like this deserves a lot of kudos!

You can visit 'Cute Vintage' here

She frequently updates her site with new goods and also with blogs and competitions, so sign up to the mailing list.

Her manwife Jamsey helps oot aswell, He also manages bands and events. You can find out more about that here.

Speaking of music, my pal Amy's manwife Scott has his very own band here in Aberdeen. They are called SilverbySkyline. Right now they in the running to play at various festivals this summer through Redbull's bedroom jam competition.

Please vote them a 5* and watch some of there YouTube videos

This would be a great for the band and  Aberdeen music. They're currently 2nd high rated but need to rely on social networking to get anywhere (hence the blog). They are playing Snafu this week and also have a few other gigs coming up.

In the world of words, Chris who worked with Steph at Books and Beans spent the whole of last year and perhaps the year before that writing a wee book. Its currently on sale via Amazon kindle (and kindle apps) for download HERE. Although it's far from the book world I live in, I'm rather proud that Chris set out to write this and publish it. Proving things can happen if you put your mind to it!

Lastly and most importantly if you didn't already know my very own Ladymiss:

Stephanooz (blog)  has been working very hard on a few things: she now writes for The Skinny on a new deviance blog called Anarchy in the Cellophane. They are rather funny so give them a read and let her know what you think.

Secondly, although not currently available, Steph has been working hard on some vintage jewellery concepts, which look pretty awesome. I made here a wee logo to celebrate this awesome venture:

The website isn't up and running yet, but watch this space for some rather nice bling.

Aaaaand in the world of cats:

Skrinkle and the new addition Howl just like to bosie: