2 Nov 2011

London calling...

Even though we have the scary responsibility of getting the sculpture to the gallery in London safely (on a megabus might I add), we're super excited to be able to go somewhere and not have do anything except the things we love to do.

I'm not the slightest bit packed but this little lady is, all ready for her box:

Dropping off the sculpture before the weekend gives us a bit of time to check out some galleries and stuff.  Since we had to cancel our summer visit to London to see Tracey Emin's big show, I'm super excited to know she's got a wee show on with self portraits. Definitely be checking that out.

Also heading out to Camden, obviously to do a bit of shopping and to see the proud gallery - A Joy division show is on, so that's be good. Also at Proud Chelsea is Andy Warhol - The factory! Excited for that.

Tate Modern is always on the list, In light of my dissertation I'll probably spend an hour or so watching 'Meat Joy' again.

Last but certainly not, not, NOT least is a small exhibition as part of the LGBT arts festival. That Steph and I (as Eloquent Graffiti) as proud to be exhibiting in.

It may not be much to some, but this is actually the best I've done this far in my career. The best part is that its a starting point. One that just so happens to be in London. I've never been so excited. Although we feel a little overwhelmed with all the other artists, we're just going to have fun with it, be confident and drink wine with our old and new London friends. 

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