2 Nov 2011

Summer in the city...

I turned 26 in the summer.

After giving it a lot of thought, I'm not entirely up nor down about that fact. I like the number 26.

Here are some photos I took in the summer, as a 26 year old:

I Spent some time with the family, which inevitably turns into photo time.
So here is Hayden and Sofia enjoying a sunny day with Auntie Laura.

I took some photos for a radio/music/production company. Which was fun and also paid so that's a bonus.

I took some photos for myself whilst on location at that job, (not that torry's exclusive nor far).

I slept some and spent time with the kitty cats. This photo makes me look like some sorta cat lady, I guess I am... even now I have a cat in my lap. haha.

But looks they are cute ^.^

I played games on my phone...

but then it was Stephs birthday so I took her to the beach,

we also went to Ballater:

and Edinburgh (for the fringe):

Outside the Forrest cafe, such an amazing place.

Evelyn Eveyly (Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley) at the fringe.

A video of what they sound like singing and playing Piano as one:

Another  video from that awesome set that I took where they cover 'Lean on me':

AND Glasgow to see Amanda Fucking Palmer:

A video I made from that, where AFP covers 'Friday' by Rebecca Black but its written from the perspective of a prostitute. Pretty funny!

And finally full circle, its that time again to take photos of the kids:

I guess where words fail and all that...

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