6 Mar 2012

International Women's Day.

As part of women's week, Aberdeen university's students association are holding a week of events including the Reclaim the Night march (poster above)

A list of their events can be found here and also on facebook (which is linked from their site). 

The Reclaim the night event which is on Thursday the 8th of March includes a day of banner making, a talk about the history of the march and then the evening event itself which starts at 7pm at St Nicholas Square. This is an international event and I'm really thrilled to see it happen in Aberdeen, despite the lack of support from the council. As well as taking part I will be interviewing those involved, in the hope to spread further awareness of the issues that are still current and relevant today.

On the saturday there is an extra special day of events:

International Women's Day: screening of "Women Art Revolution"

screening of "Women Art Revolution" (2010) by Lynn Hershman-Leeson, at 2pm on Saturday March 10th at the Belmont Picturehouse
To celebrate International Women’s Day in Aberdeen this year we will be screening ‘Women Art Revolution’, the 2010 film by Lynn Hershman-Leeson, at 2pm on Saturday March 10th at theBelmont Picturehouse. This will be followed by a series of academic talks, live debate, burlesque dance, and comedy performances from 4pm at the Bar Below in the Belmont.
This event is in collaboration with the local artist Merlyn Riggs, who will be staging a separate performance to celebrate the Day. The event will be Participatory Art piece based on the theme of Fairy Tales.
Merlyn’s event will be on Saturday 10th March from 10 am until 12 mid-day in The Golden Zone (outside Marks and Spencer).

Myself and Naomi will be doing a performance at the after screening event in the Belmont bar, We'll also be doing a Q&A about the performance and specifically my thoughts on post-feminist/post-gender theory. Really excited to be part of it all. I'll also be filming the event (along with the others in the week) as part of my equality documentary based here in Aberdeen.

All pretty exciting things happening this week. and I have every faith that we're making the right steps.

On a personal, internal note, this; these experiences are really shaping my ... uhm... studies? No, It's more than that... perhaps I'll just think about that for a while.

I'm very happy anyway with all thats currently involved within my practice.

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