15 Mar 2012


Today I'm taking a time out at home. I'm physically exhausted, entirely.

Except I know its, by no means, a time out.

I can't seem to switch off at the moment. In one sense I'm thrilled I have the mentality but in another, being in over drive hurts.

I don't want to burn out so I know I'm doing the right thing, not only with staying at home, but cutting out the dramatics of letting it happen. I've also made a decision to cut some ties. be it dead end projects, commitments or (dare I say) people. It's sad but with tensions high and a lot at stake I really need to focus on whats important:

Came across this in my workbook. Very apt.

So today I am organising and recollecting. Starting with the 120GB of video that I shot last week (with the huuuge aid of Stu).

I've had my new macbook about a month and it already look like this:

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I've made a first attempt in FCP and it looks like this:

Quite a bit to get through and by no means is this everything.

I'm also planning on finishing my CV today and getting a bunch of applications finished and sent off. As well as redesigning my website as my current one really really really doesn't represent me at all. Major changes needed.

Also kaatrillions of photos to come from last weeks International women's day events. Well maybe just a few of those.

Coming up on This Morning: Three women who are scared of sex and/or have never had an orgasm! :O It's like being at home was meant to be. I wish I could help all women who feel like this. And yes I did just watch The Jeremy Kyle show.

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