5 Mar 2012


and now onto something I little more pleasant. Recently I've done millions of things, which is great but oh so tiring. I've stopped for a couple of days before things get hella busy again with filming. Here are some photos from the past few weeks:

Some footage stills that I quite like. Adding some text over the top with a typewriter and seeing what works and what doesn't.

I've been working with a blow up doll a lot this year, a short video piece is the first of things to come that I've shown some people. I've done some photos too, and used some stills to give an overview of the work. The video will be converted back onto tape to be exhibited in a handheld camera.

 I've also been spending quite a bit of time planning and experimenting with vacuum packing. The general idea is to vacuum pack myself and become the actual living art. I think I've made some progress this month with this so fingers crossed it all goes well

I made a large sealable bag that was fitted with two tubes - one for the vacuum and one for air. initial testing involved a hospital mask to make sure that I could breathe within the bag. After a short while I braved it without and it actually felt better. I think the trick is to create a good pressure balance for the air to naturally come in but without the vacuum losing any suction. it went rather well I think without to much hassle.

I've been trolling the net for the best possible materials, both for construction and for the actual sheeting. After a rather tormenting time I found the perfect PVC for the job. It arrived on Friday - Hurrah! So i've been able to look at that. I wont be working on it until the framing is ready just incase I make size mistakes or puncture it. I did lie inside it today though :)

 It felt rather nice and I love that it is actually glass clear. Now to just find a way of removing some of the folds.

I've been spending quite a bit of my time in the studio. I've been setting myself times to be in by and stay until. It's nothing to do with not working hard really, it's more about not losing myself again. I'm kinda making up for the lost studio/interaction time my brain has made me suffer over the winter period. Truth be told I think I'm also aware we only have a few months left to actually work in the school. At times it can be quite nice as well as busy and I think I'll miss that.

Here are some photos from up top.

and down below.
oh la la an Original Sarah J Stanley "Does art make you cum". 

This is my space in all its glory, its actually strange how quickly spaces change. Already over the last two days its changed.

We also had the pleasure of some outdoor music in the quad the other day. It was very nice and we had a wee dance. Then the sun set and it looked like this. 

Steph has also been working very hard (after work hours) on some Jewellery. She is currently using cameos and the typewriter and some resin and some glass to great some lovely necklaces and bracelets

We've also had some down time where we mostly eat pancakes;

have cocktails at vintage sales;

 nap with the cats;

and go see the singing kettle with small people.


  1. you're vacuum pack pictures look ace! Can't wait to see your exhibition in summer time.xxx

  2. Aww cheers Raj Mo! I super can't wait either. Hope you can make it for opening night :D xx