3 Apr 2012

Workshop part 2

So I finally managed to complete my structure for the vacuum pack last week. The drilling was quite hard on the circular tubes, as they had to be perfectly straight right through and also identical either side to match up with the wood. In the end I managed just fine and have managed to temporarily erect the structure in the quad. I'll keep it there so that I can work on the vacuum part and risk assessment after the holidays. Really can't wait for the day I'm inside it and know that its all going work fine and look great too.

So far its really steady and I managed to walk in and out the PVC no bother. I've taking the PVC down for now to make it air tight and add the tubes. So far so good!

I'm glad I've got this far and now I can concentrate on getting other projects this far along.

I've also spent a bit of time planning my degree show space. Due to the nature of my subjects and the complexity of some of the pieces I've chosen to make an inclosed space. I think this really suits my work. So far I envision the space to look like this:

Obviously a little premature with wall planning, but its more for knowing which work is finished and might be included. I also want to eliminate any pressure so I'm trying my best to be as organised an I can. I get a bit panicky in general and just want to enjoy the process of producing a good show instead of worrying.

I'm really glad to have a few days of quiet. I've really missed the theory/contextual side of my work and also the spontaneous mad way of working. I haven't had a chance to feel free recently, everything with building has been so so planned and also the same for working on the documentary.

I plan to spend the week letting meditation guide me practically for a while and also catching up on my dreaded workbooks of course...

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