18 Apr 2012

Project Slogan Consortium Opening

So recently, I signed up to be part of the Project Slogan consortium. The idea is similar to a collective and as a group we are responsible for Sarah's well established gallery just off of union street in Aberdeen.

We're still in the early stages where we're testing the water with certain projects and ventures whilst getting to know each other a little better. A few members will only be using the space for a small slotted time, but the majority of us have similar ideas about having a wide range of opportunities that we, each other and visitors can benefit from. The schedules filling up nicely and I really hope to use my time there for my own artistic practice, and also as a platform to become more active in the community and certainly within certain areas and issues.

We had a very casual opening with some wine and chat. We had some work up and Sheena even had her jewellery stall out. It was rather successful and mostly just nice to officially start.

Here are some websites of those who took part:

And some photos from the night:

A few of us are looking to work together at events, such as The North East Open Studies week. I suggested we organised an open exhibition and also run a few talks/workshops for people to get involved with. Fingers crossed I can do a few test runs in the summer to see how this might work.

As for my own time there I hope to obviously have a show or two, most likely curate a few shows that I believe should be seen. I know first hand how difficult it is to find a space in Aberdeen that accepts your work for what it is and gain support when you're working in subjects that others keep clear of. Its for that reason I'd like to support artists working in confronting and uncomfortable themes.

I'm also planning on hosting a regular feminist group. As we stand now, the group has been been formed for a while with regularly meeting but no fixed base. Something that has recently come up within the group is the lack of a feminist art community. This of course isn't going to be purely for those associated for Grays, but anyone from all walks of life and creating work, engaging with art (in practice or theory) in any form. I'd really like to have our first meet arrange before I leave Grays. I think it would mean a lot to know all my hard work this year has and is continuing on.

Lastly, during the day we're using the gallery as a sort of office space, so I thought I'd test it (when quiet) as a photo studio. So as a small break for myself I got the kids through from Banff and did a little shoot :)