8 Mar 2011


A lot of my influences are obvious. Everyone and there dog knows that Amanda Palmer is my ultimate influence in life. For various reasons. Its also easy to spot artists I draw from when you see my work, but I want to take a minute to share my love for the not so obvious influences.

Starting with the classic John Hughes movie, 'Pretty in Pink':

and then some MGM musicals. I really wanted to watch Anchors Aweigh last night but it wasn't in its box (tisk tisk)

so we watched my favourite 'On the Town'

To finish we watched 'Singing in the rain'. I think although a popular choice and the main song being quite frankly overrated in comparison to other songs in it. it really is magical. And I enjoy the story line as well as the mad crazy dancing. Why don't people dance like this anymore?

My favourite song is this one:

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  1. "On the Town" is sooo good! Watched it not long ago!