7 Feb 2011


Yesterday I spent the day trying to resolve some of my past pieces as well as brainstorming where to go from here. I've found an area that I want to continue working in, but in that area I'm finding it hard to say exactly what I'm trying to say. I've spent basically the last 2 months trying to work that one out. But at least the two years of finding an area are over... for now.

I went to bed to no avail.

Sleep is a terrible thing for me. I've had on/off insomnia and sleeping problems since I was a kid. My sleep goes several ways:

1. I enter such a late deep sleep (normally in the morning hours) that I can't wake myself from my dream. My dreams can be so vivid, so real to life, but once I know I'm dreaming (lucid) I find it so hard to bring myself out. Almost like I'm pinned down.

2. I surface sleep. This normally includes a lot dreams, usually scary. I frequently wake myself and others up by screaming and crying. Sometimes laughing to of course.

3. I don't Sleep.

Last night I didn't sleep. A mix of reasons I guess. I tried and tried but wide awake. Some ideas started coming to me (as they do at this hour) and then smack, the very thing that's been on the tip of my tongue for the longest of times came to me. I wrote it all down... on my handy iPhone glow notepad ;)

Other things I did whilst not sleeping (with no light on, as to not wake Steph):

*I organised my apps.
*I downloaded and played some movie game.
*I tired to call the cat.
*I shoo'd the cat away when he started tearing things up.
*I sang in my head 'Maps of Tasmania'
*I played through the uke chords whilst doing this
*I accidentally elbowed Steph in the face. She noticed.
*I listened for the heating going on and off every 20-30 mins because someone set it wrong.
*I watched Steph get up at 6am. We chatted about my night.

I'm often reminded of this Edgar Allan Poe quote:
"Sleep, those tiny slices of death, how I loathe them".

I guess I win and lose in these situations.

It's snowing today.

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