15 Feb 2011


After a terrible weekend and an even worse Monday, I'm starting to feel better.

This is what I look like today:

See - not to bad at all!

Yesterday I got really sick and spent 12 hours vomiting. Luckily it wasn't related, like a head injury. I slept the best part of 24 hours and woke up today with such great relief. After spending so much time last year in hospital I really didn't want to be weighed down with this... again.

Unfortunately I've had to contact Peacock and tell them I can't help out with filming the TIPA event. Its really sad but I cant have the pressure right now. I plan on going along to the whole weekend though and will bring a camera too. Its just such a wasted opportunity to be apart of something, but never mind.

On Friday Steph is going to Norway to visit a friend. I think I might spend the week at home in Banff. take all my work out there and try and find some peace to get on with things.

For the time being I'm going to get stuck into more research and lose myself in such wonderful things.

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