21 Feb 2011

For a steph.

Seeing as you are all the way in Norway, trying to write some beautiful fiction and reading my blog as a way of being less home sick, this is for you:

1.  An anthology of conceptual writing. I really hope you like this. I understand if you can't do too much reading write now. It can be for treats later. The whole site is very good and is the cause pf me staying up all night that one time watching performance's of Marina Abromovic.

2.  A photo of Toadfish from Neighbors (as it was the best image from a 'for steph' google image search).

3.  A plug of your blog (Keep passing the open windows)

Stephanie Torrance is a talented writer from the one street town of Dyce. She likes books, famous lesbian writers, Kevin Smith movies and when we had clouds on our bedroom ceiling.  She keeps a blog of her creative writing. Hopefully she will add old words as well as new, as they are very good. One day she will not serve coffee and she will write words all day long.
 Read her blog HERE!

4. A photo of Miriam Laplante from TIPA. What a woman!

"So what if you don't love me, fuck you!!" - Miriam Laplante. 

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