24 May 2012

Festival of the Erotic Arts.

Recently Steph and I received amazing news that our work was selected for this years festival of the Erotic Arts in Edinburgh.

Picked to join the collection of work to be shown in the white space Gallery is our collaborative piece The I, the you, and the we. 

If thats not enough Brazil's Top Magazine voted Festival of the Erotic Arts as one of the top ten events in the world in June 2012. Thats pretty pretty amazing news for the festival and also for everyone taking part.

Although the festival falls in the same week as degree show, meaning I'll have to leave on the Thursday,  I'm actually really really excited. Not only is going to be fun packed weekend of amazing activities, culture and learning, but I get to have a little break from all the hard work.

What's most exciting though is just knowing that the degree show isn't the end. Not that I ever thought it would be but I think the uncertainty of the unknown and whats to come can be overwhelming. Just knowing that making my best efforts to pave my way are paying off gives me incredible hope, far more than just simple relief. 

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