29 Dec 2011

Pre-Degree show 2011

So we had our pre degree show like a month ago, but its never to late to show the photos. Overall I thought the opening night was a success. Limousine bull turned out to be just the right size for our collective work. And despite being a little further from the city centre the turnout was good.

Huge kudos to Stu for the show reel, as it turned out really nice,especially on that wee window bit.

This is the work I exhibited. These large prints were originally Polaroids. I used the negative part (which I bleached to create after developing time) and scanned them through to get the best results and options for exposure, colour etc in a rather tight timescale. Hopefully I can work with these in the darkroom in the new year.

My Anus, Your Mouth, Her Pussy.

This second piece is Originally a Guerrilla Girls broadband piece, to find out more about it and also why I used it in the show visit their site here 

Heads of state.
From their site:
When the Office of Curating and Theory at Zurich University of the Arts invited us to contribute to a show of downloadable posters, we came up with Heads of State, inspired by recent events. The Poster comes as a set of 16 easy-to-print pages that can be downloaded, assembled and prominently pinned up. Upon seeing the GGBB offering, the Zurich curators excluded it from the show without explanation. When asked was our work too shocking we were told; “No one is shocked by penises these days” – so we invite you to test this theory: download here and assemble.

Here is some other work from the show:

The performance that Naomi and I did  was also a success. I felt really great and so right for the time and moment, both for the show and also just  for the stage I'm at.

I will upload the footage of that once I've got it all together.

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