15 Aug 2011

Censorship in Aberdeen

Its been a while and I have some draft blogs ready to post but an urgent matter came to me today and it needs to be public.

I just received a call from the organiser of this past weekends 'Alternative LGBT pride in Aberdeen. A quick look at what was on offer:


She informed me that the 'Arts' Centre want my work moved/removed from the Exhibition as its too provocative and children can see it! I'm livid and disheartened. What an absolute joke - to be an arts centre, host an LGBT arts events, then strip the alt-pride team and myself of our freedom of expression. We're meant to be moving forwards aren't we? The LGBT community and in the arts. Words can't explain really.

The images in question:

Further more, as supportive as the Alternative pride committee are they've been put into quite the position as they risk losing venues and money for next years events if they are to protest the censorship with me. A position they've told me is difficult due to the threats from the Art Centre is we are to "make a fuss".

Over the course of a few hours this has unfolded quite a bit. I've found myself losing the support from the group, only to regain it, but at what cost. 

Tomorrow morning 9.30am I will be going along to the art centre to talk with the management and pride committee and I guess remove, move or censor my work. This will not be the end of it.

There is no just in this at all . More shall follow once I know more that has gone on, including the works (yes plural) in question. Please offer my any feedback, encouragement or past experiences - I need them.


  1. If art really had the enormous power to corrupt impressionable minds that some people attribute to it then there would need to be one heck of a lot more censorship than there is, not just that of removing the saucy bits from brief exhibitions in near forgotten public spaces. What you're dealing with is ignorant, conservative puritanism pure and simple. Prejudice would be the more familiar name for it. When people don't fear the corruption of their own minds but those of the less "fortunate" they are simply reacting to their own ignorance and intellectual confusion in the most cautious way they know how. If it weren’t so contemptible (because they weald power and believe they’re doing the right thing) it would be pitiable (because they are the ones whose minds are corrupted).

    Oh, and don’t get me started on the Art’s Centre – they’re beneath contempt, just ask Judy.

  2. I've blogged this too - not that it will make the slightest bit of difference.

  3. Thank you Jim. The whole thing is ridiculous on so many levels right now. Will keep the blog posted in whatever tomorrow brings.