14 Mar 2011


You know sometimes when you say a word and it doesn't sound like a word, of course it sounds like a word but its a strange word and you repeat it over and over, then slower and slower and then normal speed again but with a questioning tone. It just doesnt sound right. I have that right now with 'Monday'.

Anyway today is Monday and I feel a little under the weather. I have Steph's cold from last week. I'm not to bad just not entirely well. Today I wanted to go print my finished (YES FINISHED) photo collection for this weeks crit. I rather do like my photos I do, I think I'll print them tomorrow though, once I work out which paper I want to use.

These are a few pictures (and if your american pic-tooores) of the making a merkin process.


Out of a potential katribitrillion ideas for the design of a merkin I settled for 21 designs and made 15 of them. I photographed 12 of them. Edited 10 of them and settled for a final 8. Which I see working in a 5 or 7 set but I like my 8 so right now its 8.


My favourite finished photo (but not merkin) is this one:

I wanted to work within the fashion aesthetic restraints of photography and keep it modern and fun. I chose to represent this because of the influence the industry has on woman. I've crossed into the notion of self grooming and extreme beauty (stemming from a piece I'm working on with Vajazzling).

With the set complete I can see that my vision is reached. I set out to make this collection and I've done it. I feel happy with it, I really do. In terms of other things I'm working on this doesn't come close to how personal they are. This piece to me serves its purpose and shows another side to my practice and aesthetic.

Looking at the set I can see that how I've been influenced. Completely positively I've learnt not to be afraid of my vision and aesthetic. Its what I envisioned for the set and I like the commercial aspect. It fits.

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  1. Feel better!
    Mondays always seem to be the toughest day of the week haha no clue why :p