11 Feb 2011

This week...

I've done a wee bit of experimenting after my epiphany of ideas.

Here is sneak peak:

developing time in cold cases
One of my images that I got that initial 'happy about this' feelings

Down stairs work station, haha!
a Fish eye look at my successful images.

Doing an emulsion lift. being very carefully not to rip or damage the image.
This took the longest to do as it was so fiddly, had to be precise and is part of a larger piece.

I have listened to this Damien Rice song far to much:

The final minute of it hits me like a thousand million lighting bolts at once. I'm planning on learning it for the ukulele.

Speaking of ukulele, music man Mike taught me how to translate guitar chords to the uke. Its very complicated but I'll get my head round it one day. I'm really into 90's dance songs right now and acoustifying them.

Acoustifying? I think I just made a new word :O

This week I also made a new word...

The word: Acoustifying
Meaning: to take a song and play it acoustically on a guitar or ukulele.
In a sentence: I just found this rad 90's song and I'm going to be acoustifying it over the weekend on my totally hot ukulele.

Turns out that word actually does exist... so yeah. I think I'll stick to the 'photo thing'.

'Photo thing' - What my family call what I do.

Actually my immediate family are really supportive now, They haven't used words like 'photo thing' in a while.

I think I just killed the blog entry.

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