4 Feb 2011

A short history (of my recent works)

Last semester has probably been the most personal time I've had with myself for many years. It was definitely the most demanding and testing, but it was also the most collected, successful and fun. We had an exhibition to finish the semester, which went amazingly. Here are some photos from that:

From outside - The Pier on Belmont St.

Some Friends not quite made up there minds, yet.

All I exhibited, together.

Here is a closer look at my images:

Standing Woman in Red 1
Standing Woman in Red 2-4

Standing Woman in Red 5-10

I'm going to be focusing on the video for this semesters work, I plan on really getting into each fragmented part and solving them individually then work out my vision in terms of display and exhibit. working progress of the video will be frequently updated.

I keep a flickr account which is over on the side somewhere ---> this has all my past practice in terms of digital photography, commercial work etc.

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