4 Feb 2011

A fresh.

Turns out I've had a blogger account with 2 live blogs since August 2005. My main one was for my writing... all of which was utter crap - early lesbian talk and the other was a collection of lyrics/quotes/interviews I had been saving. My last entry was June 2009, the day before my 24th birthday and the last day of college. I talk about getting into art school and how much I was looking forward to a change in course and an artist freedom. Sort of strange now I find my way back into blogging through the course.

I've been really interested in starting a video log or 'Vlog' for ages so I think I might start doing that here also. I'll still keep my tumblr blog open but keep that mainly for the community and interface.

Today I started something new, in a way I want to keep it hush hush but in another way its all kinds of important so I want to be able to vocalise that. I have three full days off together in which things will be tested out. I'll be spending pretty much all this time alone so I'm looking forward to whatever might happen.

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