29 Dec 2011

Gfest Novemeber 2011

So I never did get round to updating my blog with all my goings on, so (in short) here is what happened.

We (Steph and I) went to London and it was all kinds of awesome. Firstly it was nice going to London with actually money. Every other time we've gone down its been a 1p budget. We're no richie rich's but we actually managed to save a wee bit so we didn't look like the Aberdonian tattiebags we normally look like. Spending money in Camden was a rare treat, but just being there is enough for us.

Anyway, being invited down to show our work with other artists from all over, was scary but wonderful. The collective work was really great and the opening night was... it was actually very much like other opening so I didn't know why I was so scared about it. Our friend's Rachel and Jamesy came and so did Steph's totally awesome Uncle Ian and his Partner Malcolm. It was so so nice to see thme and have support and just actually hsare the moment. I think they were more excited than us.

Here is some photos I took on the night:

My favourite piece was by The trope Troupe and called Departures 3.02. 

Description: This screen-based 'travel information system', seems like a twisted admonition to 'behave' ourselves on holiday, but is, in reality, a shocking reminder that, around the world, so many gay people's sexuality is still criminalised.
About the artist: The Trope Troupe, using found objects, adapted technology, appropriated cultural artefacts and processed digital media, creates montage, collage and bricolage and has exhibited at Kinetica Art Fair, Duckie in London and Shout in Birmingham.

Everything about this piece reminds me why its important to make art, why I want to make art and why I do. I'm still in complete awe at the use of technology and also how the simplicity of the text is so hard hitting. Work like this needs to be made, it needs to public and reach people who just don't understand the issues LGBT individuals still face around the world.

All in all the experience of my first London exhibition was fantastic and I only wish I could've stayed for the whole festival.

Here is a wee video that was made of the events:

For more information on Gfest look here!

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